Career Spells

Do you have a job? Or are you jobless? Do you fail all interviews? Do you get rejected when interviewed? Or you might be working hard for years now but do not get a promotion? If the answer to any of the above is a YES then read below to understand on how you can cast a black magic spell for a successful professional career.

I have already written the spell above, now I would describe on how you have to cast this. The very first thing you need is the day, the best day or let me say the lucky day of the week for you. Take help from an astrologer or send me your birth details and I will let you know the lucky day for you and the lucky color.

What you need to do is on your lucky day as per astrology, wear cloths depicting your lucky color, when I mean wear cloths then whatever you wear be it shirt, trouser, inner wear socks, stockings everything should be resembling your lucky color, even your shoes. You also need to put the same color nail polish and change your hair color, by a white pigeon and use the same color paint to color the pigeon.

Now that you have all what is required, draw a pentagon inside a circle, big enough so that you can stand or sit inside the pentagon, which is drawn inside the circle.

Sit or stand inside the pentagon, take a piece of paper on one side of the paper write the spell given above, and on the other side write the achievements you want in your career. Roll the paper and put it inside a scroll, then cut your left hand’s little finger (also known as ladies finger), fill the scroll box with your blood then seal the mouth with wax.

Take the pigeon in your hand and tie the scroll on the neck of the bird, then drip 4 drop of your blood from your little finger on the head of the bird. Then again recite the spell 21 times, but this time you need to jump every time you say the word TOOM, which means you need to jump 6 times per spell casted hence you need to jump a total of 126 times during the ritual, the higher you jump, more quickly success would reach you.

When your casting of spell is over, then let the pigeon fly away, do not worry it would come back to you in a few days’ time, but it has to fly away from you, if it sits or does not fly then you need to perform the ritual again with a new pigeon. Also when it comes back, you need to check and see if the scroll attached in the neck is there or not, if the scroll is not there, then you bet to get success and whatever you wrote in the scroll related to your professional career, but if the pigeon comes back with the scroll, then you need to perform the whole ritual again from starting.
Have a successful career ahead!!!



Please note that the spells we provide are based on psychic abilities and traditional healing. It is not an exact science. As such results may vary. Use the spells at your sole discretion