Celebrity Intuitive Reader  dr.farouk works with some of the biggest stars in TV and film. Why? Because they know she identifies your roadblocks when she taps into your intuitive guidance system. By identifying this Truth, you begin your journey to a better life. Farouk doesn’t just work with celebrities; she offers intuitive guidance to everyone open to discover their Truth so they can experience more love and success without painfully repeating unwelcome patterns.

When you want caring support while making hard or scary choices, Lisa has deep insight into what helps most. He is known for surprising you with what that is. Top influencers around the globe trust Lisa to help them get where they want to go and have a better, easier time doing it. Often it’s how you get there as much as what you do next that aids in turning the big corners.

Seeing the real Truth of you and your struggles or conflict can help you make better choices. Lisa uses Astrology to give you important timing, Tarot to get more specifics and the map in your hand to dial in how you can best put it to work for you. The Truth will always make you feel lighter, better.  It’s the lies that make us feel small and miserable.  Discover the bigger, better Truth of YOU and farouk can help.

I brought  a lifetime of experience. More than 33,000 people from around the globe have benefitted from her insight. Lisa has read for iconic film stars, rock stars, international CEOs, television personalities and people just like you. His unparalleled history in intuitive readings goes to work to reveal your untapped potential and surprising personal resources to help you live the life you were meant to live.