An outstanding medium, Farouk has had an amazing connection to the energetic world and spirits since she was a little boy. His deep faith and trust in the creator has always been the foundation of his life. This faith was the catalyst that guided her into delivering messages professionally and continues to be the cornerstone of her professional and personal life.

Through her abilities as a Psychic Medium, Farouk will connect you to your loved ones who have crossed over, your angels, the archangels, and your personal guides. Doctor has appeared numerous times on TV and radio and has done thousands of life changing sessions for her clients.

Farkouk’s goal is to empower you in your spiritual growth, to help facilitate the change necessary to raise yourself to your highest potential, and she strives to be a beacon of the Divine’s love for you!! Connecting you to your loved ones and bringing forth messages from the other side continues to be Dawn’s greatest joy. Come and experience a session for yourself. You will never be the same…..